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Three Steps to Lock-in Your Rate
  1. Click Here to lock your rate online or click here to download the lock-in form that you can fill out and fax to us.
  2. Pay the $400 none-refundable locking and application fee. We must receive the $400 before we could lock you the rate. The $400 locking and application fee will go directly to the appraisal company. Starting May 1st 2009, we are required by federal regulations to use lender-appointed home appraisers instead of the appraisers we choose. We have absolutely no control over your home value and you will lose the $400 if your property value does not support the purchase or refinance. We do not service your loan and we will get you the loan from one of the major lenders in the nation. By paying the $400, you also acknowledge to have received the good faith estimate and annual percentage rate disclosure from us. You will also receive the same disclosure by e-mail or paper mail directly from the lender we submit your loan application to. If the disclosure from the lender or the final settlement statement (HUD-1) at closing is not consistent with our disclosure, you are entitled to a full refund regardless of the appraisal. Here is the copy of US Department of Housing & Urban Development's Settlement Cost Booklet for your reference.

          Click here to proceed with your $400 payment with a credit card through PayPal


  1. E-mail or fax us application documents within two calendar days (click here for why two days.) Here are the lists of loan document we need from you:

            Document List for a New Purchase
            Document List for  Refinance

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